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As a former Film Studies major and a long-time fan of everything TV and film, I take particular pleasure in every aspect of television feature production. My passion for story telling is deeply rooted in the possibilities of audiovisual media to transport viewers to new places and to evoke deep emotional responses. It is my goal to one day make my living telling stories through television and film. 

The dream of making it big as a world famous musician is one that is becoming harder and harder to achieve. When the CBC launched its competition to find Canada’s best new indie artist, thousands of people applied in the hopes of realizing this goal. Brendan McConnell has the story of one musician who didn’t win but who is striving to realize his dream for the love of music.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of London– like much of the Catholic church– has experienced a drastic decline in priest and congregation numbers over the last ten years. Brendan McConnell has the story of one young seminary student who answered the call to the priesthood 4 years ago.

I recently completed this feature about the relationship between a big and little brother who use each other’s company and support to make them each better people.  But they’re not normal brothers – they had only know each other for three months when this feature was produced. 


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