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Here are some of the journalism-themed essays I’ve written during my masters program. The topics range from the future of journalism to the use of war photojournalism to create national understandings of wars. I will be continuously updating this page with essays that relate directly to journalism. 

The Colour of Truth is Grey: Objectivity and Accountability in War Reporting  – How should a foreign correspondent covering a war zone collect and present information about the conflict in a way that is fair, balanced and gets to the bottom of the complexities of the situation? This paper acts as an op-ed piece, offering suggestions to young foreign correspondents on how to cover conflict more responsibly.

The Future of Journalism in the Digital Age – A speech-style paper, I wrote this about the current media environment in the age of digital journalistic platforms. It provides a survey of what platforms are out there now, their effects on how journalism is produced and includes my prediction for the future media landscape. 

Photojournalism, War and National Memory – This essay surveys World Wars I & II, the Vietnam War and the War on Terror and attempts to explain how developments in photojournalistic technology has changed national understanding and memory of each war. 

In Response to David Weinberger’s “Too Big to Know” – A book review of David Weinberger’s book “Too Big to Know” that describes the potential of networked knowledge via the internet. I situate his analyses within the journalism industry and identify the potential for networked communities for journalists. 


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