Finally got one of these newfangled blog things all the kids have been talking about


January 3, 2013 by bmcconnelluwo

Hello and welcome to the first blog entry of, I hope, many on my new journalism-themed page. After many years of being told to start one by friends, professors and– most notably and naggingly– my own brain, I’ve decided to give this blog thing a try.

As I stated on my ‘About Me’ page, my interests are all over the map. In other words, it’s taken me this long to start a blog because I have absolutely no idea what topic I want to blog about. So, for the sake of this experiment with this newfangled blog thing, my plan is to blog about whatever happens to be pressing hardest on my brain on any given day.

As you may have noticed, what’s pressing on my soft, gooey brain tissue today is the fact that I needed to slam out an entire portfolio/blog website in one sitting else my much-coveted journalism aspiration fall on its social media-less face.

This anxiety comes from two of my own essays on my “Essays” page that talk about the future of journalism. In them I make the argument that networking, digital platforms (such as this one) and pro-am collaboration is the future of the news industry. Big talk from somebody who doesn’t partake in any of these fancy, futuristic activities. And so, after waking up much too late in the day on my vacation away from journalism and all things hectic I decided to create this page and write this blog post.


Featured: People Networking…Without me. Not cool.

My goal is to maintain this newfangled blog thing all the kids have been talking about in order to stay in tune with this terrifyingly vast internet that I feel is the future of journalism.

So, with that, I wish myself good luck and hope you will do the same. I’ll figure out a posting schedule later — right now I have to finish building this thing.

Brendan McConnell


One thought on “Finally got one of these newfangled blog things all the kids have been talking about

  1. Lindsay says:

    Looking forward to more! ❤

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